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At CarGurus, we strive to build and nurture a global culture where inclusiveness is a reflex, not an initiative. We envision a workplace where everyone feels they can bring the ultimate expression of themselves and their potential to work every day – where they don’t just fit, they thrive.


We aim to reflect the diversity of our customers and the world around us.

Equity in Career Growth and Development

We seek to build a culture where everyone has an equal opportunity to grow and thrive. This means ensuring that employees see their diverse identities reflected in all levels of leadership and having transparent and fair compensation, promotion, and reward processes.


We strive to build a culture where all employees are empowered to show up as themselves and do their best work together. This means creating a community where we embrace and celebrate our differences and support one another with empathy.


My greatest joy in this role is helping to uplift our employees’ voices and aspirations while underscoring CarGurus’ commitment to creating an inclusive and equitable environment for all. I’m excited to expand our current opportunities for development and connection within our 6 Employee Resource Groups, mentorship programs, service days, and other community-building endeavors.

CHI VO, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Program Manager

The people I work with day-to-day are so good at what they do, yet everyone is also so humble, helpful, and altruistic. It’s truly a treat to get to work with such a group of smart and kind individuals, solving big problems together and building friendships along the way. 

WEI "DEBBIE" CROTEAU, Senior Engineering Manager

We believe that learning happens every day and everywhere. It’s the success and foundation of our pioneering mindset, and each Guru plays a role. We challenge and support each other in staying curious, finding opportunities for growth, and learning through moments of discomfort so that we can become and show up as the best versions of ourselves.


At CarGurus, I love the opportunity to innovate while solving complex problems. I feel empowered with the trust my manager and team show in me.  The receptivity to new ideas makes me feel inspired and valued, something I haven’t experienced at other tech giants I’ve worked with.

AMRINDER PAL SINGH, Manager, Engineering

Knowing I have a job I love, a supportive company and team and the work-life balance I need have helped me feel more productive, present and fulfilled both in and out of the office. People at CarGurus are positive, optimistic and can-do – and I find this brings out the best in me too! 


Our Core Values

From the beginning, we set out to radically change how people buy and sell cars. We tackle difficult problems head on. We are curious. We are risk takers. We embrace change even if it’s uncomfortable.
We believe transparency is the foundation of trust and enables better decision making. We communicate clearly and honestly. We deliver unbiased guidance. Our products, services and company culture are built on these principles.

We rely on data, not hunches, to make decisions. We listen to our instincts but we validate through rapid testing, learning and optimizing. We translate complex data into actionable insights for our users, our customers and our people.

We believe there’s power in speed. We iterate quickly and often, continuously improving as we go. We are not afraid to break things. If we fail, we do it fast, learn from it and move on.
We celebrate our individual strengths and perspectives but know that our success requires teamwork. We partner, we listen and we leverage feedback from each other, our users and our customers.
We act responsibly and consider the impact of our actions on each other, our partners and the world around us. We believe empathy, respect and fairness are essential. We set high ethical standards and expect principled leadership from our people.

Thriving Together

Our Guru-led employee resource groups (ERGs) are open to all and focus on providing support, enhancing career and personal development, and fostering an inclusive community where everyone can show up as themselves and do their best work together.

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